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Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Law?

This alternative process for resolving family legal matters allows spouses to end their marriages cooperatively, face-to-face, with the help and guidance of attorneys and other professionals, but without going to court.

During the Collaborative Law process, all negotiations take place in four-way conferences between parties and their attorneys. Often times, financial advisors, mental health professionals or other resources can be part of the process.

Each party has built-in legal advice and advocacy during negotiations, but each attorney is committed to guiding the parties toward a reasonable settlement. Because no one, neither the parties nor the attorneys, can go to court or threaten to go to court, settlement is the only goal. The parties are encouraged and helped to communicate their real needs and interests. Through safe and focused discussions, each of the parties is encouraged to recognize the needs of their children and the other party.

Because of this, parties are less likely to end up in court in the future and are more likely to be satisfied with their outcomes.

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